2013 Meeting Agenda w/ PowerPoint Presentations

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Faculty and the Future of Higher Education

AAUP-Oregon, the National AAUP, and the AAUP-Collective Bargaining Congress

Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union

Workshop 1A: Understanding University Budgets

Howard Bunsis, Chair, AAUP CBC

Rudy Fichtenbaum, President, AAUP

Workshop 1B: On-line Education, MOOCs, Intellectual Property, Corporatization 

Moderator:  Martin Snyder, Executive Director, AAUP

Overview: Martin Snyder

Rutgers & Pearson:  David Hughes, Rutgers

Online Education – Evolution & Concerns at OSU: Dwaine Plaza, Oregon State

IP, Workload, & Bargaining: David Raffo­, Portland State

Lunch with Special Guest: Oregon Representative Michael Dembrow

“Working with the State Legislature for Higher Education”

Representative Dembrow is Chair of the Oregon House Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development, and was for 16 years the president of the AFT local at Portland Community College.

Workshop 2A: Faculty Voices in Public Policy Venues

Samuel Henry, Oregon Education Investment Board

James Woods, Higher Education Coordinating Committee

Patricia Schechter and Phil Lesch, PSU-AAUP Leg Committee

Workshop 2B: Building Power in Strategic Contract Campaigns

Organizing and Bargaining at Bowling Green State University

Maisha Wester, Chair, BGSU-FA Direct Action Task Force

Christopher Simeone, AAUP Staff

Contract Action & Strategic Contract Campaigns in the Cal State System

Lil Taiz, President, California Faculty Association

Alice Sunshine, Director of Communications, California Faculty Association

Moderator: Scott Clifthorne, AAUP Staff

Panel 3A: Building & Sustaining Advocacy Chapters

Joerg Tiede, Illinois Wesleyan, AAUP Assembly of State Conferences Member-at-Large

Adrian Havas, Chapter President, College of Southern Nevada, Nevada Faculty Alliance

Jacqueline Arante, PSU & AAUP National Council Member-at-Large

General Meeting of the AAUP CBC – Howard Bunsis – (AAUP CBC union chapter members)

4:30 pm – Adjourn



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